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It is presently only available in a specific area of Google Pay and GPay.

When you’re browsing your Android phone, you’ll immediately identify the Google Play logo as one of the brand’s most recognisable visuals. The Play Store logo is currently undergoing a little modification to add some new colours, but once it is implemented, you’d be excused for not even recognising the change. It’s unlikely that you’ve seen the logo yet, but it has already appeared in a limited capacity.

Although it isn’t yet the Play Store’s primary logo, 9to5Google has noticed that it is prominently shown in GPay and Google Pay before any other apps. The new logo is displayed in a tiny, low-resolution version at the top of the transaction details when you make a Play Store purchase. It’s challenging to see the change, but if you side-by-side compare the two, the colours and shapes are noticeably different.

There appear to be variations in the yellow and red hues, though they are initially less obvious. The blue and green appear to be darker tones than we’ve previously observed. Additionally, the triangle’s corners are now more rounded than before. Even though the Play logo hasn’t undergone a complete transformation, this alteration will be noticeable when it goes into full effect.

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