After six years, Bhaderwah has experienced its hottest day.

Jammu. As the month of May continues, the fire falling from the sky has begun to set new records. Normally frigid, Bhaderwah experienced its hottest day in six years on Thursday, with a high of 32.6 degrees (6.2 degrees above normal).

The maximum temperature in Bhaderwah on May 22, 2016 was 33.3 degrees Celsius. On May 30, 2000, the highest temperature ever recorded in May was 37.6 °C. Meanwhile, the temperature in Jammu has hit 41.0 degrees.

In majority of Jammu and Kashmir’s districts, daytime temperatures are 5 to 7 degrees above usual. The Srinagar Meteorological Center has issued a warning for hot winds in both divisions until May 16.

In Jammu, Thursday began with clear skies. As the day continued, the heat took on a different hue. In the afternoon, everyone was affected by the hot winds. In the hot sun, the body continued to sweat.

Meanwhile, the power outage contributed to the conflagration. The daytime temperature in Jammu rose to 41.0 degrees Celsius, 4.1 degrees above usual, and the minimum temperature was 26.5 degrees Celsius yesterday night.

The daytime temperature in Katra, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi’s base camp, was 37.1 degrees Celsius, and the nighttime temperature was 23.6 degrees Celsius. The daytime temperature in Banihal was 30.5 degrees Celsius, 31.5 degrees Celsius in Batote, and 32.6 degrees Celsius in Bhaderwah.

The daytime temperature in Srinagar jumped 4.9 degrees Celsius to 28.8 degrees Celsius, while Pahalgam was 24.3 degrees Celsius and Gulmarg was 19.0 degrees Celsius. The daytime temperature in Leh was 19.8 degrees Celsius, whereas in Kargil it was 27.2 degrees Celsius.

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