For video calls, WhatsApp is developing avatars.

For video calls, WhatsApp is developing avatars.

WhatsApp is gradually but steadily extending the emoji capabilities available to its users. With animated emoji and emoji stickers, it has undoubtedly had to catch up to other messaging applications, but it’s all development. Now that Apple and Samsung have long since surpassed it, we are learning about a new feature that is in the works.

According to WABetaInfo, there are plans to allow users to switch to a personalised avatar during video talks, perhaps one that resembles a Memoji or Bitmoji. As a result, individuals will be able to use other avatars during calls rather than their profile photo or straight camera views. Since March, the feature has been under development.

Unfortunately, this screenshot only shows the button the user will need to press to switch to their avatar, so we don’t get to see much of the avatars themselves. Right now, the button merely isn’t functional.

Animated emoji-based avatars are unquestionably better for WhatsApp’s video calls, whether it’s for privacy reasons or as an additional means of self-expression. The main issue at hand is whether or not designers will go for a 2D or 3D style. Whatever happens, we anticipate that the initial batch of avatars will be rather basic, with a constrained number of personalization possibilities.

There is no set date for when consumers can anticipate being able to utilise these avatars, much less the interface that makes them possible, but the sooner the better. Add this to the long list of upcoming updates for WhatsApp, which already includes the capability to place orders within a chat thread on WhatsApp Desktop. The internal picture editor of its Desktop beta could also soon have a blur tool, which was already seen this year on the Android and iOS test versions.

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