Google introduces a variety of new Android and Wear OS features to celebrate the holidays.

Google introduces a variety of new Android and Wear OS features to celebrate the holidays.

Google isn’t taking the rest of the year off while we eagerly await the arrival of the upcoming Feature Drop, the first one to appear after the Pixel 7 launch.

Google is prepared to provide the goods, whether you have an Android phone, a Chromecast, or your Pixel Watch has just arrived in the mail. For all of your devices, the firm has brand-new capabilities in store, starting with some holiday-themed photo and emoji customisation.

Holiday-themed delights from Google

Let’s start with those themed updates first as December is just getting started. The editor in Google Photos is getting some seasonal updates, including ready-made styles that are exclusive to Google Photos. These completely new photo styles are ideal given how quickly Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are approaching.

These collages are prepared for your Instagram page, no matter what holiday you celebrate. Keep an eye on the app for some holiday-themed capabilities as they should be available soon in Photos.

No feature drop would be complete, of course, without some improvements to Emoji Kitchen. Gboard is getting new mashups right in time for those winter snowstorms. In Google’s illustration, a wolf and a snowman are combined to create a dapper-looking beast, but we’re curious as to what other secrets are hidden this time.

more casting, streaming

Naturally, the holidays can be demanding. Google has a tonne of media-focused services if you’re searching for some alone time. You can locate hours-long video essays on YouTube directly from your homescreen thanks to a new search widget, which is the ideal justification for skipping family game night. In the meanwhile, you may use a new cast feature in the Google TV app to stream any of your favourite Christmas classics if you chance to have the house to yourself.

Upgrades to Wear OS

Finally, Google is updating Wear OS with a tonne of new features. It’s the ideal moment to update wearables now that the Pixel Watch is available and there will likely be many new owners over the holiday season. Without opening an app, two new tiles for Wear OS will list your favourite contacts or display dawn and sunset times. The latter is crucial at this time of year, especially if you want to get outside during the brief window of daylight.

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