Here is the December security update for Android.

For Google software, today is a significant day. The final quarterly Pixel Feature Drop of the year was announced by the business, marking the arrival of the Google Pixel 7 Pro and its smaller sibling’s first rather significant update. Though not the only update coming to Google’s smartphones, the Pixel Feature Drop. The December Security Patch is also being included to Google’s roster.

It’s obvious that the Pixel Feature Drop is grabbing all the attention this month, but there are also a tonne of fixes coming, from general stability improvements to targeted patches fixing bothersome issues. For a full list of the changes, please refer to Google’s thorough release notes.

Remember that you must a Pixel that is more recent than the Pixel 4 if you’re keen to receive the update. The latter was only updated for the final time in October 2022. The Pixel 4a, its more affordable sibling, is still competing, though. Released in August 2020, nearly a full year after the Pixel 4, it is well within the three-year support period that Google promised for it.

Go to your Pixel phone’s system settings and click the update button to download the update using Google’s built-in mechanism. This will also download the much more exciting Pixel Feature Drop. Google also makes OTA files and factory images available in case you lack the patience to wait for the lengthy download process.

Though you might have to wait longer than if you had a Pixel phone, the upgrade is still coming to any other fantastic Android smartphone that receives regular system updates.

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