How to find out if someone has blacklisted your iMessage number

How to find out if someone has blacklisted your iMessage number

Apple’s text messaging programme and protocol, known as iMessage, enables users of essentially every Apple device to connect with one another in real time. Users of iMessage can send messages from their iPad, Apple Watch, and even MacBook. Despite Google’s #Getthemessage campaign’s social media blitz, Google’s RCS does not provide two-way interoperability.

Apple, on the other hand, employs a data-based protocol that gives iMessage users access to a variety of cutting-edge capabilities including media sharing, message reactions, status updates, and read receipts. Of course, there are only so many things these traits can do to express feeling and meaning.

In August 2022, Google debuted its not at all cringe-worthy Get The Message campaign.

It’s become easier and easier to irritate someone because of the never-ending list of contentious topics on our minds and the pressures of contemporary society. A recipe for social catastrophe emerges when you include the text message’s relatively impersonal tone. By simply banning the offending party, iMessage makes it simple to handle these awkward circumstances without engaging in a conversation – it’s quick, non-confrontational, and surprisingly hard to spot unless you know what you’re looking for.

How can you know if iMessage has blacklisted your phone number?

Being a privacy-focused tool, iMessage lacks a notification or a clear visual cue that someone has blocked you, but there are a few telltale signals that you’ve offended a contact and been blocked. Let’s examine some of the most blatant signs that your iMessage account has been blocked.

Look at the bubble’s hue.

Users of iMessage are well aware that a green bubble means you are not utilising Apple’s exclusive messaging protocol, but it may come as a surprise that green bubbles can also mean someone has blocked you on the app. Apple’s messaging platform will prevent instant messages from being sent to the recipient using the iMessage protocol if you are blocked on it. When someone blocks you, if text message fallback is enabled on your device, it will fall back to delivering the message as a text message, in which case the text message bubble will turn green.

Remember that the colour of the discussion bubble doesn’t necessarily imply you’ve been blocked; green bubbles might also indicate that the other person’s phone is off, they’re offline, or they’ve finally moved to Android.

Verify the text’s status update to see if your message was received.

Delivery and read receipts are one of the features that contribute to iMessage’s popularity as a messaging service. iMessage’s read receipts can be turned off, but the app will always let you know when a message has been delivered unless the recipient has blocked you or it was sent as ordinary text instead. There’s a strong probability the recipient of your text message has blocked you if you don’t see Delivered under the text you sent. Make sure you have a working internet connection and that your messages are getting through to other iMessage users before assuming that you have been blacklisted. If texts sent using iMessage appear as delivered and read to others users, but not to one specific person, this could mean you’ve been blocked.

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