International Youth Day

On August 12, 2022, which is International Youth Day, Congress Spokesperson on Youth Laura Lauro (Italy, EPP/CCE) expressed her support for the theme, “Intergenerational solidarity,” and emphasised the importance of forging close bonds between generations in order to create societies that are more inclusive and democratic.

“Our towns, cities, and regions are the ideal venues for fostering cross-generational interaction. Young and elderly may engage, share knowledge, and collaborate to develop real answers at the level of communities, the spokesperson emphasised. During the Covid pandemic, young people banded together to give food to families and old people, Ms. Lauro cited numerous instances, particularly from northern Italy.

The spokesman also highlighted that intergenerational solidarity needed to be mutually beneficial. She urged all local and regional leaders to put this philosophy into practise in their neighbourhoods, for instance by starting youth councils or a mentoring programme for upcoming council members.

International Youth Day (IYD) honours the voices, initiatives, and actions of young people as well as their significant, inclusive, and equal participation. United Nations, International Youth Day. International Youth Day’s 2022 theme is “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.”

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