Live lyrics from Spotify are now available on Nest Hub smart screens.

Live lyrics from Spotify are now available on Nest Hub smart screens.

Due to its position as the leader in music streaming, Spotify has continuously attempted to reinvent itself and offer new features across all platforms. The addition of live lyrics was one of the most recent upgrades and possibly one of the biggest in recent memory. Since competitors like Apple Music already had this capability, it was actually more of a catch-up development. Nevertheless, it was fantastic since it made it possible for Spotify users to read music lyrics without having to search for them elsewhere. It now appears that a smart display near you will start to show live lyrics.

According to 9to5Google, if live lyrics are available, you should now be able to see them when playing a song from Spotify on your Nest Hub. A beaming music note will show in place of lyrics if a song lacks them. When a song is about to end, Spotify will note that the lyrics are “licenced & delivered by Musixmatch”; this is also the company that provides the lyrics for the mobile app, so there are no surprises there. Both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium subscribers can access it.

With this, smart displays have now been added to the ever-growing list of gadgets that are able to play Spotify live lyrics, which now includes TVs, the web, Android, and iOS. Since many of them are simply just very good speakers with a screen attached, smart screens are another obvious possibility for expansion. The Nest Hub Max is one that comes to mind, but there are others available, some of which are made by companies other than Google.

Make sure to test it out right away on your Nest Hub, or if it hasn’t appeared for you yet, keep an eye out for it to appear on your device.

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