The largest app to date to use an Android 13 themed icon is WhatsApp.

The largest app to date to use an Android 13 themed icon is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the following application to use a dynamic Android 13 icon, and it is currently in beta.

One of the key components of Android 12’s revamp was the introduction of themed icons, which allowed the emblems of your phone’s many Google services to blend in. For the first time, Android 13 enables dynamic app icons across third-party services, so you no longer need to damage the Material You design of your homescreen in order to make other apps easily accessible. Nevertheless, we must wait for the icons to be added by developers; WhatsApp is the most recent to do so.

According to WABetaInfo, the new dynamic icon is still in beta, but if you’re signed up for the service and using an Android 13-powered smartphone, you should discover that it’s now accessible to you. This is a feature of WhatsApp beta version for Android. As a result, the WhatsApp icon is now available in a monochromatic style, and the icon’s background will now match the colour scheme you’ve chosen for your user interface’s theme. You can see the choice in the shade of rose pink in the sample below.

Until now, there haven’t been many third-party solutions for dynamic icons; the standouts include Bitwarden, Inware, Pocket, Sync for Reddit, and Vivino. The most popular third-party app to get a dynamic icon is WhatsApp now that it has joined this list. We hope that with Meta joining in on this most recent WhatsApp update, more well-known celebrities will endorse the choice now that Android 13 is formally available.

Although the precise release date of the final update is unknown, we hope it happens soon so that you can access this feature on your Android 13 phone without taking part in the beta test.

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