Now, you can control your Google storage directly from Gmail.

Your Google One storage is now more prominent thanks to one more app.

Your Google One cloud storage is split among several apps, including Gmail, Drive, and Photos, so whether you have the free 15GB that comes with all new accounts or have paid for more, it can quickly run out. Some of us, though, don’t always remember it’s there until we run out of space for backups or are being asked to delete emails. Now that Google has added a reminder-style feature to Gmail, there are even more places where you can keep track of your storage.

This new storage indicator is reportedly becoming frequently used on both Android and iOS mobile apps, according to 9to5Google. By tapping your account avatar in the top-right corner of the screen, you can access it. The new storage bar displays your total storage and the proportion you’ve used, as well as a cloud logo in the brand’s colours, directly under the information about your active account at the top of the menu. When you tap the bar, the storage manager appears, allowing you to view exactly which services are using up your available space. Additionally, you can upgrade it at Google One or clean out the storage.

In the past, you needed to tap Manage your Google Account a second time to get to this information. With the Google app now open after leaving Gmail, you may select the Payments and subscriptions option and scroll down to Account storage. That’s because it is a major hassle, if that makes sense.

Gmail shares the navigation drawer with Drive and Google Photos, both of which have their own storage bars. If Google adds storage management to additional applications like Docs and Sheets, that will undoubtedly be beneficial.

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