Spotify is looking into a problem that makes the Android app unresponsive.

Your mind and spirit will benefit much by listening to your favourite podcasts or music. If you use Spotify to achieve that, you have access to a vast collection of 82 million music and counting, spanning every conceivable genre and capturing a variety of emotions. It’s an essential component of many people’s daily lives, thus outages may quickly destroy moods. We’ve only lately experienced what it’s like to abruptly lose access to something, even if only for a short period of time. However, it appears that a new issue is forcing us to hit repeat, leaving us with little choice but to savour the silence.

This week’s new topic on the Spotify community forums has been accumulating reports about a problem that prevents its Android app from properly starting up on a number of devices – it gets stuck on the splash screen and refuses to load any further. Looking through the complaints, it seems that the issue only arises when the person tries to log back into their account after logging out.

Since the standard troubleshooting techniques like emptying the app cache, conducting a reinstallation, and restarting the phone have no effect, there doesn’t appear to be a solution. Given the volume of reports, the issue doesn’t appear to be very widespread, but if Spotify is still functioning normally for you, you should avoid doing anything that would require logging out for the time being.

We’re hoping for a quick repair because the company claims it’s looking into the issue; in the meantime, if you’re impacted, please post a thorough report in the thread we’ve linked above.

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